Design Tim Peake’s Mission Patch

Britain’s first official astronaut is in need of a proper space mission patch, and he is turning to viewers Blue Peter to design it.

Blue Peter has partnered with the UK Space Agency (UKSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) to design an emblem for British astronaut Tim Peake to wear into space. In 2015, Peake will become the first ESA astronaut from the United Kingdom to fly to the International Space Station.

“To continue the long tradition of space mission patches, I would like to challenge the talented Blue Peter viewers to come up with a unique and inspirational mission patch,” Peake said in a statement. “The patch could reflect some of the challenging and exciting elements of my mission and our culture of exploration.”

The contest, which was launched on the Blue Peter show and its website on Thursday (Sept. 4), runs through Sept. 26. The winning design will be revealed on Nov. 20.

Good luck!



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