Have you seen the supermoon?

The moon has looked spectacular in the sky lately. The “supermoon” means the moon – which is classified as a ‘perigee moon’ by astronomers, appears bigger and brighter than usual.

Perigee is the part of an orbit which is closest to the body being orbited. This, and the moon being full, makes it look huge and bright in the sky.

I like to look up at the moon and wonder for a moment.

45 years ago there were people up there, exploring, picking up rocks and taking photos.

One of my favourite photos from Apollo shows astronaut Jack Schmitt standing by the american flag. In the darkness of space behind him is a small blue-white disc.


The whole human race in one photo. (except the astronaut photographer – Gene Cernan)

Take some time, look up at the moon, and think……




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