ATV-5 “Georges Lemaître” prepared for launch on 25th July

Airbus Defence and Space prepares for the launch of the last Automated Transfer Vehicle to the International Space Station.

ATV-5 is the last European space freighter to set off for the ISS. With a total weight of almost 20.3 tonnes, “Georges Lemaître” has surpassed its four predecessors by being the heaviest payload ever launched into orbit by an Ariane. The supplies for the ISS are as varied as daily life itself. Be it orange and mango juice, bread pudding, cheese noodles, socks, t-shirts or dental floss, 1,232 individual goods, including 50 kg of coffee, will travel to the ISS aboard ATV-5. ATV-5 is transporting a total of 6.6 tonnes of supplies, the greatest portion of which, at almost 4 tonnes, is made up of fuel, water and gas. Close to 2.7 tonnes of food, clothes and research equipment are packed in a total of 154 bags; 1,234 kilogrammes or 57 bags of which fall into the “late cargo” category, i.e. goods that cannot be loaded until between four weeks and 20 days before the launch.

ATV 5 Georges Lemaitre Update


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