My Favourite Places

If I have visited your school, and you stayed awake, you might recall I mentioned some websites you can visit, for further information or to get involved. Here they are:


Here, you can put in your location and it will tell you when the ISS will be flying overhead. It even gives you a sky map you can print out and hold above your head. I use this site all the time and it works really well. Happy ISS spotting.


Messages to Bennu

Your name will Travel to Bennu on the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft!

Put your details in and you will get a certificate. Yes, your name will travel in space! And its free!

If, like me, you’re a total Space Cadet, you cant do much better than collectspace. The forum (click messages) is full of other people just like you. Its a fascinating read, and you can start your own space collection.


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